Saturday, July 26, 2008


bind the tongue that makes you bleed;
crimson words dripping free.
acid burns against the soul;
eating through the world you know.

i am not your resting place;
i am not your ever after;
i am not the one you crave;
and you will not consume me.

shatter the unbreakable;
starve yourself but call it full.
power craves what it has not;
you knew it once, but you forgot.

i am not your true companion;
i am not your wicked lie;
i am not the one who saves;
and you will not consume me.

stake the ground and still it moves;
taking what you don't want to lose.
spill your bitterness and doubt;
but i will leave you here without.

i am not your tunnel's light;
i am not your beast of burden;
i am not the one who needs;
and you will not consume me.

Friday, July 25, 2008


burgundy wine blushes gently,
piercing the tongue with bitter fruit;
your words drift along like water,
tasting nothing at all like truth

i sip, a whisper, a curiosity
flooding my mouth with crushing regret;
for you are sandcastles braving windstorms
foolishly hoping to just forget