Friday, August 29, 2008


Here is a day when I can't find the sun;

Bleached out, washed out, colors that run;

And those who don't care what they say or do

Are those who would walk away from you.

Dogs that bite and dogs that don't;

People promise what I know they won't;

Lying or hiding, where is the line?

Ask me, I'll tell you everything's fine.

Love isn't love if you don't say the words;

And truth is still truth even if it's unheard;

Somebody save me from those who are dead;

Somebody tell me what lives in my head.

Painted on gold looks nice from afar;

Up close it's chipped, fading, and scarred;

Hold the pieces, the tatters, the remnant of this

And tell me I don't need all that I miss.

Fighting the past is like fighting smoke;

Rush down my throat, laugh as I choke;

Around me, inside of me, breathless fear,

But surrender is not an option here.

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