Monday, August 4, 2008


Shadows vague, uneasy grow;
Sinking into all I know.
I hear the truth beneath what’s spoken;
You refuse to see I’m broken.

Silence captive holds me here;
Imprisoned within unsteady fear.
Weaponless, defenseless I
Crouch, cower, wait to die.

Cut me to the size you need;
Pretend that I don’t really bleed.
Abandoned, isolated, torn;
Unsure of what it is I mourn.

Grief breeds anger, fury, rage;
Locked inside this pretty cage.
I take what you refuse to shoulder;
The shadows growing ever colder.

I cannot speak and so I scream;
I cannot sleep for I might dream,
Terrible, voracious things,
Mocking what the daylight brings.

Shattered, jagged edges raw;
You still pretend you never saw.
Balanced upon a living grave,
I still pretend I can be saved.


Anonymous said...

Wow again (I keep saying this every time I read your writing). This one packs a punch.

Haunting, disturbing, and vivid.

nomadicdragon said...

This one is so haunting to me.

C.J. Redwine said...

Thank you both for reading.